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Ilustraciones para Libros

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Prices vary depending on the complexity of the illustrations, simples ones are very affordable and the prices increase as the illustrations get more complex. contact for more information.


Para encargar/encomendar ilustraciones contactame por email El precio depende de la complejidad de las ilustraciones, contactar para más información.

The  illustrations bellow I made for Ingrid Pagliarulo for her children's book "I Miei Primi 10 Pass", about to be published. What she says:

Last year among the many things I have found time to work on my Italian book for foreign children. After several months of research, after hiring many different illustrators I finally found someone special who has given to my book the right vibes and colors. A book for children is so particular and it needs to be just like it has been conceived. Images, drawings needed to be soft shaped, colored, funny and alive!!!

I am so proud of the final work and I want to say thanks to one of the most extraordinary artist I have known. She is a pro plus she also teaches this might be one of the reasons we understand each other in what I wanted for my book. I am sure Luca will be very happy and together with him all of those who will read it.
Begoña True is the artist I have collaborated with. She has immediately has got what I asked for and she has created wonderful illustrations for my work. There are no words to describe how much I do appreciate her art, her sensibility and her whole work. Thank you so much Begoña, I look forward to collaborate with you very soon.


Las illustraciones de arriba fueron hechas para el libro de Ingrid Pagliarulo, "I Miei Primi 10 Pass"

The following illustrations were made for Karen Heins, author of "The star people of Isabella"

Las ilustraciones siguientes fueron hechas para Karen Heins, autora de "El Pueblo Estrella de Isabela"

what she says

"It has been an awesome and amazing journey with Begoña as my illustrator!!!!!!
I have had many problematic challenges with previous illustrators and was unable to create the book I wanted. In contrast, my experience with Begoña was outstanding. She is very professional, reliable and motivated. She listens to and honors what you want. Her artistic style is brilliant and awesome. The result is beautiful, colorful, thoughtful and inviting pictures for children to enjoy. I am very pleased with her work and I highly recommend her."

Lo que ella dice

"Ha sido un viaje maravilloso e increíble con Begoña como mi ilustradora !!!!!!
He tenido muchos desafíos problemáticos con ilustradores anteriores y no pude crear el libro que quería. En contraste, mi experiencia con Begoña fue excepcional. Ella es muy profesional, confiable y motivada. Escucha y honra lo que quieres. Su estilo artístico es brillante e impresionante. El resultado son imágenes hermosas, coloridas, consideradas e invitadoras para que los niños disfruten. Estoy muy contenta con su trabajo y la recomiendo sumamente. "


The next ones are of Denise Dion's book "My best friend lives under my bed"

Las siguientes fueron para el libro de Denise Dione "My best friend lives under my bed"


The following illustrations are for Nina Spitzer´s book "The monkey that vacuumed the jungle".

Las sigueites ilustraciones son para el libro de Nina Spitzer "El mono que aspiró la jungla".



The following drawings are illustrations I made for  Yvonne Provost´s children story book.

Las siguientes ilustraciones son para el libro de Yvonne Provost



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