Begoña True


Born in Southafrica in 1970 of Spanish father and Southafrican mother descent from dutch. Grew up in Spain and currently lives in Portugal.

She started drawing from a very early age, almost since she was born, and paints since she was a teenager. And later in her thirties started illustrating children's books.

She uses watercolours or acrylic when she paints realism and magical realism or surrealism, and for the children's books illustrations she uses coloured pencils.

In the field of realism she paints city architecture, landscapes and animals, and portraits by commission.

In the scope of surrealism she paints magical landscapes and scenes that she imagines.                           


Member Spotlight: the frail beauty in Begoña True's illustration

Published  by Creativepool Editorial

It's easy to tell those who have an ardent passion for what they're doing from those who don't. And it is enough to glimpse at one of Begoña True's illustrations to tell which of the two groups she naturally belongs to.

We caught up with one of the most talented illustrators on Creativepool to discuss a childhood passion and the secrets behind her creative process.


 Nació en 1970, de padre Español y mdre Sudafricana descendiente de holandeses, creció en España y actualmente vive en Portugal.

Lleva dibujando casi desde que nació, y pinta desde la adolescencia. Hace también unos años que comenzó a hazer ilustraciones para cuentos infantiles.

Para las pinturas usa acuarela o acrílico y hace realismo y realismo mágico o surrealismo, y para las ilustraciones de cuentos usa lápiz de color.

En la vertiente del realismo pinta arquitectura de ciudades, paisages y animales, además de retratos.

En el campo del surrealismo pinta paisages y escenarios mágicos que imagina ella misma.